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The FAR's are no longer readialy accessable by section via an index. They have been made searchable and are now broken down into portions as short as paragraphs. The FAA no longer keeps a copy of the current regulations on their web site, so it is easiest to go to the Government Printing Office (GPO) site where you can work your way thru various pages to what you want.

Please note: when you finally get the section of the regulations you are looking for, you cannot bookmark or add to favorites the page. If you again want to find that same page, you must retrace your "footsteps" to get there again.

Go to this URL

Then select this item on the menu (far left) "Code of Federal Regulations"

The select this menu item (fifth one down) "Search or browse your choice of CFR titles and/or volumes (current and/or historical data)"

Then click on the appropriate date to the right of "Title 14" Jan 1, 2001 being current regulations and other dates being historical copies of title 14.

Then select either parts 1-59 or 60-139 or 140-199 which between the three sections contain ALL of the FARs.

Start your selection/search from here.

You might also look at parts 400-499 "Commercial Space Transportation" which sounds interesting.