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Revised 01/22/09

Welcome to the World of

Charles and Dusty

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All there is to know about cats, cars, airplanes, log houses and possibly the Seven Wonders of the World!


Please be sure and return to these pages frequently as I am constantly updating, editing, and adding to them.

As many people know, one does not have a cat for a pet, nor do they live in your house, but rather, you are there to serve them, and the house is theirs, you just happen to live in it (and pay for it) as it is convenient for them, since you are their servant.

Photograph of Dusty Cat on stairs

Now that we have it straight who is the master of the house, lets get on with this..................
(Just click on Dusty's friend to follow him to Dusty's page)

I've added some new words of wisdom for cat owners everywhere, so if you haven't been to Dusty's page in a while, please check it out again. Thanks.


As you can see from the next photo, We live in a rather unique neighborhood, a fly-in community, sometimes known as an airpark. This is the North half of the neighborhood, the remaining half is out of view to the bottom of the photo.

Aerial view of the Flying-N-Estates









Cessna 150 Inspection and Information

Check out my web pages for Early (1959 thru 1965) Cessna 150's!!! CLICK HERE for a direct link to my Cessna 150 inspection homepage. It has long since  turned into a "monster" but new information is still being added, so keep checking back. In case you have visited before, you will see the link to my 150 pages has changed. I have moved it to its own address to give more space for pics and pages.

Some advertising for products you can use!

Some very good, long time, friends of mine, Rick and Judy Skrzypkowski have a home business. They are making name badges, bag tags, engraved plastic signs, trophies, etc. The bag tags are not some cheesy thin stuff but rather a real thick, fiberglass reinforced plastic that can withstand the roughest bag handlers. They can print your own photograph on the tag and then put your name and address, or whatever you want on the other side, they look real neat and everyone with a Cessna 150 needs a pic of their own airplane on a bag tag. They also do name badges and I think they can with a little effort overlay your name, etc., on the pic and print it on a badge, just the thing for Clinton 2004 or Oshkosh.

Please visit Twin Oaks Imaging at for their line of products, they will appreciate the business and you will appreciate the service. (And I will too since I stay at their home when attending the EAA convention in Oshkosh!!!)

Having baited your interest a little, try some of my other pages as it is not possible to jam everything on one page!

Thanks for visiting our web site,

Charles and Dusty.

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